Ministry Clarity

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Ministry Clarity


In December of 2022 St. Peter’s Lutheran Church started a program connected with Lutheran Church Extension Fund. LCEF is all about using resources to build ministry. This is a Strategy Planning process that will help our congregation form a Successful Ministry plan for the years to come. 

The first step was a congregational survey to help identify where the hearts of our congregation see our mission & ministry in the future.  We believe that every person in our SPL family has a vital and important role that “speaks to the future” when it comes to our moving forward.  This information will help build the PILLARS FOR OUR SUCCESS. 

The next step will be a Visioning Event to bring our congregation together for a special gathering.  With the guidance of our LCEF coordinator we will engage the results of the survey and form a plan.  This will become our “Guiding Statement” and will be our North Star to the Ministries of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in East Peoria. 

As always, if you ever have any questions or want to know where you can help, you can reach out to me. 

John Vollrath- Ministry Clarity Director and Church Treasurer